Best Wishes to ZiaVelo Racers taking to the road, and dirty roads!!!

Shout out to racers competing in Oklahoma (Al Senft and Ryan Szabo at Oklahoma City Pro-Am Classic) and  Kansas (Teresa Sedlacek at the Dirty Kanza 200).  Neither of these races is for the weak!

Best of luck to all three of our ZiaVelo Cyclists this weekend!!


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Thoughts and Prayers for Brian and Lynn Robinson please.


From the family:

“We are grateful for the support and love we have received from our friends and community since the tragic accident this past Saturday. Brian is stable and resting and we expect a full recovery. The doctors are pleased with his progress and it is a testimony to his excellent health. Over the weeks to come Brian will have several surgeries to repair some of the injuries sustained. No one will face these with more determination than Brian. Thank you for all your love,prayers and thoughts.”



Friends, fellow ZiaVelo Racers, supporters, and sponsors of ZiaVelo cycling, Dr. Brian and Lynn Robinson were struck by a vehicle while riding near their home in Silver City, NM yesterday.

Lynn sustained injuries to her arm and is recovering.  Brian sustained several major injuries and was airlifted to University Medical Center in El Paso, TX.

Please keep Brian and Lynn in your thoughts and prayers as they recover from their injuries.

Brian and Lynn Robinson

Lynn and Brian Robinson (at the Tour of the Gila last weekend).


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Mona Ramlawi represents ZVC at the Tierra Torture

While the roadies were spending the week in Silver City, ZiaVelo was still racing in the dirt at the Tierra Torture near Santa Fe.  Pictured below is ZVC racer Mona Ramlawi!  Way to go Mona!!

Mona Ramlawi

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Essay on Sport by Dustin Ward (reproduced with permission from Facebook posting)

While I am relatively new to cycling and attempting to understand the professional realm of that sport (as a spectator), I have to say: I LIKE IT. Take for example the upcoming Amgen Tour of California. Eight UCI pro teams, four UCI pro continental teams and six UCI continental teams will make an appearance with proper leaders (a few of my favorites): Matthew Busche (USA), Trek Factory Racing; Phil Gaimon (USA), Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies; Laurens ten Dam (NED), Team LottoNL-Jumbo; Joe Dombrowski (USA), Team Cannondale-Garmin. Additionally, I think it is very cool that riders like, Daniel Oss (ITA), BMC Racing Team, from northern Italy will be coming out to California. All this, while the Giro d’ Giro d’Italia will begin making it’s way through his home country and heading right through his stomping grounds – Trento, Italy – days after the ATOC wraps up. This year’s ATOC, the tenth anniversary, will offer a true spectacle to the enthusiastic viewer (and, I will be there).

It is exciting to see this sport from the sidelines. Watching a team like SmartStop Pro Cycling emerge as a force is thrilling. With Eric Marcotte sporting the red, white and blue stripes for Crit(2015) and RR(2014) and Rob Britton’s GC win at the Tour of the Gila two days ago. Before you veteran cyclists, with your jaded views, get too excited to chime in with your pessimism or whatever (or corrections), just enjoy it. Cycling is rad (Remember that movie; Ryan Blickem).

For a couple years now I have had the pleasure to ride my bike alongside some great folks. The ladies and gentlemen of Zia Velo and other clubs (in my travels) have provided a good forum to practice and enjoy the sport of cycling. Watching ZVC’s success as a team is exciting. Seeing our team members contend well at races throughout the southwest (and often beyond) is pretty cool. The jealousy that ensues when Kyle L. Martinez posts pics of his epic rides up and around Los Alamos, NM. Terry Casey battling the pro field at the Oceanside 70.3 back in March. Weekend warriors (father’s and husbands, like me) fortunate to train and race. Like, Erik Sortomme who put some hurt on fellow MTBr’s at the High Altitude classic in spring snow. I am truly humbled by Michael J Barrow as he battled (continues to) MS and his rivals. He has shown tremendous fortitude on and off the bike. I am thankful for sport.

Personally, it makes it even more epic to see people close to me establish goals and accomplish them. My sister, Laurel Emory is planning to participate in the Hood to Coast relay this year and is in the middle of her twenty-eight week training plan. Dedicated to supporting her team and her goal, I have no doubt she will exceed her expectations; already surpassing milestones. My friend, Blake Hutson raced his fixie this weekend in a downtown crit and though he didn’t win (and may have DNF’d) he was brave enough to start and race till his legs and longs stopped on a bike that you literally cannot stop pedaling. I like the idea of a freewheel and gears. I am inspired, challenged and humbled by the bravery of people closest to me. Now, if I can just get my brother and I out on the JMT.

I love athletes. I love that they get to do this. Observing such passionate athletes succeed and suffer is not unlike when I obsessed over surfing, trying to get Kelly Slater’s autograph as a kid. My point is, the world of sport is so very cool and electrifying. There is so much to LOVE about sport. Photographers/Journalists and their ability to capture it all. The voices behind the commentary. The legends: courageous and creative. The folks that pour their profits into individuals, teams and events (too many to mention!!!). There is so much to appreciate. We are fortunate to have sport and the ability to participate in so many forms. I am inspired by ALL of you and those that support us (Thank you, Ashley Ward).

Cheers! AND I hope to see some of you in California this week!


(*Disclaimer: I am the guy who often got the sportsmanship awards over the MVP awards, so if I missed the mark on some information’s accuracy, forgive me. Understand this is a passionate essay on appreciation for sport and not one on doping or politics or the “UCI.” Those are other topics, many other actual journalists cover to no end; much more complex than a simple essay of thanks and awe. Besides, as trivial as FB is, it was still hard to post such intimate thoughts in a public forum.)

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Tour of the Gila 2015 Successful for ZiaVelo Cycling…..Across the Board!

Any team starting the most difficult stage race in the United States is bound to expect some ups and downs, and the terrain of Southwestern New Mexico, in and around the town of Silver City, didn’t disappoint!

The 2015 edition of the Tour of the Gila began with 19 riders from ZiaVelo, representing the largest contingent of any New Mexico team, and perhaps (I’m still too tired to do the research!) the largest of any team in the event.  With 7 riders in the Men’s Master B field, 3 in the Women’s Cat 3/4 field, 3 in the Men Master’s A field, 2 in the Men Cat 2 field, 2 in the Men Cat 1/2 field and 2 in the Men Cat 4 field, ZVC was well represented.

One might expect that in an event of this prestige, with the highest caliber of racers, it would be easy to sit back and just be a part of the race.  It is however, not the way ZiaVelo races!  Every race, in every field was continually being animated, pressed, and led by the red and yellow jerseys of ZVC.

Quick race results and a few words

Women’s Cat 3/4 Race

The ladies of ZiaVelo Cycling lit up the race, with attacks off the front, particularly visible with Carol Flinchbaugh in the Crit, Terry Casey killing the Time Trial, and Cat Stailey doing big work in support of the team at every turn.  Three in the top 15 is a fantastic result!!

10th      Terry Casey

11th      Carol Flinchbaugh

15th      Cat Stailey

10894969_624841290984686_715893066_nPhoto courtesy of Annie Murphy

11184479_760119760767714_559059836_nPhoto courtesy of Shawn Casey

Men’s Master B Race

This race had a ton of representation from ZiaVelo cyclists, rangingfrom  relative newbies in the field to “grizzled” veterans with 12 years of ToG experience.  The race was especially tight in the podium races with a 1 second gap between 1st and 2nd starting the final day.  Great teamwork and tough racing was evident throughout!

6th         Patrick Holland (3rd Masters Men’s B 50+)

14th       Dave Rutledge

24th       Shane Cunico

28th       Brian Robinson

32nd       Tim Ketelaar

34th        Kevin Robinson

43rd        Brad Wilkinson

1661787_1080886491926238_1198405646_nPhoto courtesy of Lynn Robinson

Men’s Master A Race

In perhaps one of the toughest categories at the ToG, with strong racers and tons of racing experience, the ZVC guys shown bright.  Tough work in every stage by “tough as nails” Al Senft, and tremendous grit by Santiago Chavez and Jerry Garcia resulted in high finishes, with Al showing his tremendous toughness after 5 stages of effort and pulling off the highest result of any Zia racer in the race.

6th        Al Senft (3rd 45+)

14th      Jerry Garcia (3rd 50+)

15th      Santiago Chavez


Photo Courtesy of Tammy Brock

11174481_982268191786080_2518532853342365582_oPhoto Courtesy of Marlene Squillaci.  Al Senft, Santiago Chavez, Jerry Garcia

Men’s Cat 1/2 Race

Though small in number, the ZVC guys in the 1/2 field demonstrated incredible toughness in the toughest race ZVC had racers entered.  Particularly admirable were there efforts in the downtown crit race, where Kyle Martinez and Marcel Berger gave the many ZiaVelo Cycling fans on site something to cheer about…in almost every lap of the race!!  With constant attacks and counter attacks, this was one of the most enjoyable races of the day.  Great results from the guys in this tough event!!

25th      Kyle Martinez

35th      Marcel Berger

11186981_844594838927527_1682587550_nPhoto courtesy of Lynn Robinson

Men’s Cat 3 Race

With only 2 racers in the field and, juniors at that, one might think that ZVC would be in survival mode.  That was not the case, and in fact “beast mode” was brought out on Stage 1 with the win by Greg Albright.  Guest racer, 15 year old Johan Thompson represented well in his first outing with ZVC!!  Looking forward to many more results from these great young men!

6th       Greg Albright

39th     Jonah Thompson

photo (1)Photo courtesy of Marvin Albright

photo Greg and JonahPhoto by Shane Cunico

Men’s Cat 4 Race

2 racers again took the field in the Cat 4 race for ZVC with ToG racers Luke Hollomon and Eric Collins working alternately to support each other during the 4 stage event.  Great future for ZVC in these guys s as well!!

16th       Eric Collins

18th       Luke Hollomon


Photo courtesy of Lynn Robinson

More to come as pictures start rolling in from the race!!

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Tour of the Gila Stage One, Great day for ZiaVelo!!!

Starting with a long and arduous stage to the ghost town of Mogollon, NM, the annual tour through the rugged mountains of the Gila Wilderness began today!

Starting the day, ZiaVelo had high hopes of placing well, and setting our sights on high finishes in each of the three races where ZVC had racers entered, and the day did not disappoint!!

Albright wins Cat 3 race!!!!

Despite early season races that brought Greg more than his share of mechanicals, today was a day Greg could not be denied.  What more can be said other than Greg put his stamp on the historic climb to Mogollon and won todays opening stage!   In addition to Greg, we also have 15 year old Jonah Thompson, making his first foray into the men’sCat 3 field at the Gila.  Way to go Greg and Jonah!

Next, the day saw the finish of the Master Men 45+ A field.  With three strong racers in Al Senft, Jerry Garcia, and Santiago Chavez, ZiaVelo was definitely one of the stronger teams in the field.  With strong work from the ZiaVelo racers, particularly Al Senft  the early and threatening break was brought back so that Jerry Garcia could make the jump across.  Jerry finished strong with a 4th place finish.  All three racers finished in the top 20 and will definitely be looking to move up the next 4 days of racing.

Finally came the mid afternoon finish of the mens 1/2 field with Marcel Berger and Kyle Martinez coming out to play with the big boys of the amateur races.  Kyle finished up a strong 17th with Marcel not far behind in 26th.

Tomorrow brings another 12 ZiaVelo racers into the Tour of the Gila with 7 in the Master men B field, 3 in the ladies 3/4 field and 2 in the Mens Cat 4 field.

Stay tuned for more great results!


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!!High Altitude Classic brings low temperatures and high finishes for ZiaVelo Cycling!

Sunday, April 26th was a snowy and cold day in Cloudcroft , NM!! A “perfect” day for racing the High Altitude Classic Mountain Bike race!!

Representing ZiaVelo Cycling in the best way possible was all arounder Al Senft.  Al was the overall winner of the race and the winner of the Mens Cat 1, 40-49 race.

Other top finisher for ZiaVelo Cycling were:

Erik Sortomme        Men’s Cat 2  30-30      2nd

Same Kane                Men’s Cat 2 40-49       4th

Gary Bell                    Men’s Cat 1 30-39        4th

Ryan Reed                 Men’s Cat 3 19-29        2nd

(Apologies for any that I may have missed)

Thanks to all the organizers, and particularly all the ZVC riders that braved the cold and snow to represent the team!!Erik at High Altitude 2015

Erik Sortomme rides in the “fun” weather at the HAC!

Photo by Erik Sortomme fan!!

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