ZiaVelo races in Tucson this weekend!

Good luck to all the ZiaVelo cyclists heading over to compete in the Santa Catalina Omnium (UA BioPark Blast Criterium and Oracle Road Race) in Tucson, Arizona this Saturday and Sunday (January 31-1, 2015).

The crit and challenging road race will the first road races of the season for ZVC and should provide a great early season fitness challenge!

Good Luck and safe travels to all our racers!!


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We Start em’ young at ZiaVelo Cycling!!

One of our youngest members: C. Sortomme! C. Sortommee

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2015 ZiaVelo Cycling Results are rolling in!!!

Just over two weeks into 2015, and ZiaVelo Cycling has three podium finishes already!!
Congratulations to Jerry Garcia on his 2nd place finish in the Open/Pro Category of the El Paso Puzzler MTB race this weekend.

Jerry Puzzler 2015, border

Double congratulations to Lynn Robinson on two podium placings in back-to-back MTB and Crit races this weekend in Arizona!!!

Lynn Avondale Crity 2015 Podium

Lynn MTB Race Jan 2015 Podium

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2015 Zia Team Announced!

The weekend of January 16-18 brought a number of out of town racers to Las Cruces for ZiaVelo’s Zia Team camp and team kickoff.

Saturday saw over 30 ZiaVelo riders, both Las Cruceans and out of towners, come together for the traditional Saturday Group ride from long time sponsor Milagro Coffee Y Espresso.

Saturday afternoon ZiaVelo Directors hosted the annual Zia Team kick-off meeting. Please join us in welcoming Zia Team members for 2015:

Kempton Jackson (Cat 2, 4th year), Denver, CO
Chris Schlabach (Cat 2, 4th year), Silver City, NM
Marcel Berger (Cat 2, 4th year), Alamogordo, NM
Jerry Garcia (Cat 3, 1st year Zia), Las Cruces, NM
Kyle Martinez (Cat 2, 3rd year), Santa Fe, NM
Al Senft (Cat 1, 1st year), Albuquerque, NM
Ryan Szabo (Cat 2, 1st year), Albuquerque, NM
Greg Albright (JR) (Cat 3, 2nd year), Carlsbad, NM
Santiago Chavez (Cat 1, 3rd year), El Paso, TX

Terry Casey (Cat 3, 4th year), Albuquerque, NM
Catherine Stailey (Cat 3, 1st year Zia), Silver City, NM
Carol Flinchbaugh (Cat 3, 1st year), Las Cruces, NM

Look for more to come on these and other ZiaVelo racers soon!!

Shane Cunico
Director, ZVC

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ZiaVelo Cycling 2015 is about to hit the streets!

Although things have been quiet on the surface, ZiaVelo Cycling has been furiously working  behind the scenes to bring another great year of cycling to the Zia Team, our Velo Team and our supporting riders and members.

Over the next few days you will get a sneak peak at what ZVC has in store for 2015.  With the addition of new racers to the Zia Team, the establishment of ZVC as a 501(c)(3) organization, a greater number of ladies on the teams, and more community events just to name a few of the upcoming announcements.

Additionally, we will be announcing several new sponsors, in addition to the tremendous (and in many cases, more generous) sponsors we have had in the past.

We look forward to a tremendous 2015, and are glad you are “along for the ride”

Thanks again!!


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“Racing is only half the story”

Team Zia: Racing in the North

Team Zia: Racing in the North

David: Racing is only half the story…

David Vaughn

David Vaughn

This weekend racing the Los Campanas Circuit race and the Santa Fe Hill Climb brought about a change in perspective. The circuit race was fantastic. With glass smooth roads, and lively racing (a special thanks to Scalo Veloce for that!). The course was a mid length loop of ~10 miles that had a rolling ascent on one half and a gradual descent on the other. The pace for the race was very high, and it was clear early that getting anything to stick in a breakaway was going to be difficult. On the final lap there were several attacks that thinned the lead group, and with a slight lull in the action at the 200 meter mark I launched with everything I had, I ended up second, my best result ever and was happy to deliver a quality result after all the work my ZiaVelo teammates had done to protect me throughout the race. The hill climb was super hard as usual, and I ended up 4th after blowing up slightly on the steepest part of the climb. For this particular weekend, however, the racing was only half the story.

thI was fortunate enough to race against a young man named Janvier Hadi, from team Rwanda. He outsprinted me to take the win in the circuit race on Saturday (this was the first win in the US for team Rwanda), after my team had set me up perfectly to be fresh on the last climb to the finish line (a BIG thank you to Jerry, Kyle, and Marcel for working so hard!). Before that day I had no idea about Team Rwanda or the documentary Rising From Ashes, however, something about him blowing by me at the finish made me want to find out more. That evening, while staying with my wonderful hosts in Santa Fe, Tom and Jodi, I took the time to watch the movie. I am not going to provide a review, but I strongly encourage anyone reading this to watch it. It provided me with a sense of how fortunate I am, and to be thankful for the things I generally take for granted, especially cycling. Cycling is a haven for many of us, a place of peace from our frenetic lives, a point of focus that aligns us, an activity to bring us together, and the film showed me that these things are universal.

Until we race again….Salud!

Marcel: Cycling from another point of view…

Marcel Berger

Marcel Berger

The worst case of ambitious athletes who love and enjoy their sport, is probably an interruption of activity caused through a serious injury or disease. All of the hard work, processes, and goals which an individual went through seems as though they are ruined. Unfortunately, I must had that experience this year. Suffering of a disease, my season got disturbed in March. Now, as a passionately cyclist who loves the sport, I had to hang up my passion, bike, and my goals for this year. Well, “What should I do now?”

I did not want disappear totally from the team, the club, and even this great cycling community here in New Mexico. So, I found a new job for a while, in supporting my team mates during races. The first race which I went to but did not compete in, was the Adoption Exchange in April. My job was to set up the TT warm up area, support the riders at their warm up, help them with mechanical problems, standing in the feed zone to provide racers with food and water bottles and deliver post-race recovery drinks like great tasting German non-alcoholic beer.

The hardest part of all which I had to face, was to watch all those cyclists and my fellow teammates racing together. Damn, I missed racing so sadly.

But, there was a moment where I realized what it means to set up a bike race. Starting with the volunteers in the neutral feed zones, the folks at the sign in and start and finish area, voluntarily drivers in the following cars for each racing category, the women and men who marshalled the traffic and blocked road junctions, USA Cycling officials and commissaries, race directors, the community in the respective area who had to endure the bike race and traffic delays, photographs, journalists, the police, families to cheer their relatives on who are racing, and not to forget the sponsors of the races and the teams. I would like say THANK YOU to all of you, without your support competitive cycling events were not possible!!!

Now that I got a new “Mission”, I went to the Tour of Gila, Crest Race, Tour of Los Alamos, and the State Championships throughout the summer. On that journey, thankfully, I had the possibility to meet great people and gain a lot of new experiences. It changed my view on this great sport massively. Thus, this was the positive side of my forced break.

Finally, racing day again. The first race which I joined after a 5 months period of non-racing was the Las Campanas Circuit Race in Santa Fe. It was the first edition of this event and a great one. The course was perfect in regards traffic and road surface and was fantastically organized

Zia Velo got lined up with David Vaughn, Kyle Martinez, Jerry Garcia, and myself in the category Pro/1/2/3. Patrick Holland represented Zia Velo in the Masters Race as well. To be involved in a race again and racing with my fellow team mates was, to mention it in one word just “Incredible”. Although I was totally done after 2 laps of racing, I had not been so happy for a long time. David’s 2nd place and the teams performance was “the Cherry on the Cake”.

I would like use this occasion to send our fellow team mate Santiago Chavez best Health Wishes from your Team, the Club, and the bike community throughout in New Mexico. GET WELL SOON, Santiago!!! We all can not wait to see, ride and race with you again!!!

Chain Right…!!!

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Coming soon… the 2014 Tour of Las Cruces

2013 Tour of Las Cruces

2013 Tour of Las Cruces

Stay tuned for info on the upcoming 2014 Tour of Las Cruces!!!

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