ZVC 2016

As we enter our 31st season as an organization, the growth of ZiaVelo Cycling (ZVC) continues unabated.

Certainly there are a great many people to thank for the success of ZiaVelo, among then our dedicated sponsors who continue to show faith in our goals and the direction of ZVC.  Additionally, ZVC simply would not exist without our riders, including those that started ZVC back in the 1985 timeframe, and continuing to today, where the number of riders wearing the ZVC colors continues to increase every year.

That being said, every so often, it is good to review where we came from, where we are, and where we are going.

So, I think most of you know where we came from, a group of NMSU students starting ZiaVelo Racing Club back in the Mid 1980’s.   A couple of years ago, we made a definitive change in the name to reflect the true nature of our team.  Thus was born ZiaVelo Cycling.  Obviously there is still an emphasis on racing (and recently, racing in every event type including MTB, Road, CX, etc.), but equally important to us is our involvement in cycling within the community.

Some of our 2015 accomplishments (which we see continuing in 2016)

ZVC puts on one of the biggest (usually THE biggest) road races in the state behind the Tour of the Gila (A UCI race). The Trifecta Series has become the unofficial kick-off to the New Mexico Road Series, with our three race event seeing over 250 competitors every spring in March.

We acted as lead riders for the Ride of Silence in May and have done so for several years.

In September, ZVC supported the Horny Toad Hustle MTB race with a “hospitality tent”, water, and other beverages to help out not only the ZVC racers, but anyone who wanted to just come over and hang out.

ZVC riders served as lead-out riders for multiple high school cross-country races during 2014 and 2015, and look to continue to provide this safety net for our high school runners.

We also served as lead-outs for the night-time 4th of July foot race in and around the Main Street area this year.

Perhaps unknown to some, we promoted and put on the Cruces Cross Cyclocross Race in early December of last year.  That same weekend of December  5/6 ZVC supported Henry Gil in his Toys-for-tots ride.

As was witnessed with the Tour of Las Cruces, which we worked very hard to maintain as a tour ride, and not let it turn into a race, ZVC just loves to ride bikes.  As is true with most events, Lola C. was there to take and post pictures for all to see and download off the ZVC sites.

As can be seen, we remain VERY active in the entire community, not just as racers.

However, every year is different and challenging to get through with changes to rules, races, locations, personnel, sponsors, etc.  Through it all we remain, and will continue to remain.

With more and more riders wearing the kit, each with a diverse set of wants and wishes, it’s tough to make everyone happy.  We try.

One of the area of emphasis we would like to see kick back in is our involvement in community events.  ZVC has a history of providing the opportunity to see our riders participate in the NMSU homecoming parade and other parades in the area.  We want to get back to this in 2016.

2015 saw us participate in races far beyond the NM boarders as well.

ZVC had racers participate in races like the Cascade Cycling Classic in Oregon, as well as racers competing in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, etc.  But perhaps our farthest trek outside the state was by Greg Albright as he traveled, representing the US and ZiaVelo Cycling, to Canada and Belgium!!!

This is what we want to continue.  We want to support the endeavors of every cyclist in ZVC, to the extent we can.  Whether that be racing, touring, or commuting.  Our goals for 2016 remain the same.  Maintain and grow our reputation as one of the best cycling organizations in the Southwest!!  We want to do this while we adhere to our guiding principles to:  “Promote a healthy lifestyle and an arena for competitive road and mountain cycling, recreational cycling, and cycling education.”

Thanks for reading!


ZiaVelo cyclist at the traditional Bowlins Old West Trading Post Saturday stop.

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