Another Epic Trifecta Down In the Books!

Thank you to all the racers, officials, and volunteers! We had a great weekend and enjoyed seeing everybody finish strong and safe. The people of Hillsboro enjoyed having the cyclists in town and appreciate our willingness to keep coming back and supporting them. The competition was steep, with well over 200 racers, participating in all three events. It was impressive seeing several new teams and racers join us for this event.

Of course, ZVC, is proud to say that the red and yellow Zia shined brightly this weekend and was well represented in all races. The new ZVC podium held many spots for the ZVC team and club racers. The ZVC men fared well in a very competitive P/123 category.

Zia Racers and Notable Finishes

  • Al Senft (M123) – 2nd TT, 5th RR
  • Jerry Garcia (M123) – 5th TT, 1st Crit
  • Marcel Berger (M123) – 3rd TT
  • Greg Albright (M123) – 9th TT, 13th Crit
  • Santiago Chavez (M123) – 11th TT
  • Chris Schlabach (M123) –4th RR
  • Terry Casey (W123) – 2nd TT, 3rd Crit, 3rd RR
  • Kathy Alvarez (W4) – 1st TT, 8th Crit, 2nd RR
  • Tamatha Brock (W4) – 2nd TT, 1st Crit, 3rd RR

Velo Club Racers and Notable Finishes

  • Kevin Quattlebaum (M123) – 4th Crit
  • Michael Barrow (M4) – 1st TT, 15th RR
  • Eric Collins (M4) – 4th T, 3rd Crit, 10th RR
  • Luke Hollomon (M4) – 9th TT
  • Patrick Holland (MM) – 6th TT, 4th Crit, 6th RR
  • David Hughes (MM) – 10th TT, 7th Crit
  • Luis Martinez (M5) – 2nd TT, 3rd Crit
  • Erik Sortemme (M5) – 6th TT
  • Carlos Romero (M5) – 8th TT
  • Fabian Erives (M5) – 10th TT, 5th Crit
  • Francis Horton (M5) – 15th, 2nd RR
  • Phil Simpson (M4) – 15th
  • Ryan Blickem (M123)
  • Gary Bell (M123)
  • Tim Ketelaar (M4)
  • Patrick Steele (M4)
  • Isa Vasquez (M5Jr)

For all race results, click here.

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