Once again, ZVC represents in Arizona!!!

ZVC colors shined bright in this year’s Tucson Bicycle Classic, a mini Tour de France with three USA Cycling stage races, including a time trial, road race, and circuit race. The Tucson Bicycle Classic celebrated its 30th edition this year with over 500 racers and very steep competition in all categories. Zia racers that participated included Marcel Berger, Tammy Brock, Santiago Chavez, Jerry Garcia, Chris Schlabach, and Al Senft. Velo racers that participated included Partick Holland and Francis Horton. With outstanding times in the stage 1 time trials, the leader jersey was worn by Tamatha Brock, Al Senft, and Francis Horton for stage 2. Tammy Brock held on to her leader jersey going into stage 3 and winning overall GC. The masters men 45+ worked together for strong finishes in both the road and circuit races and were complimented on their teamwork by many. There were many impressive finishes by all racers this weekend, including five GC podiums.

These same racers, will return to Arizona and race the Javelina Chase, in Duncan, AZ, after the Adoption Exchange, in Albuquerque, and then off to the Tour of the Gila for most!

ZVC Racer Results

  • Marcel Berger (M Cat 2) – 7th Time Trial/12th Road Race/27th Circuit Race/8th GC (out of 47)
  • Tamatha Brock (W Cat 4) – 1st Time Trial/6th Road Race/5th Circuit Race/1st GC (0ut of 19)
  • Santiago Chavez (M 35+) – 4th Time Trial/3rd Road Race/5th Circuit Race/5th GC (out of 27)
  • Jerry Garcia (M 45+) –3rd Time Trial/17th Road Race/2nd Circuit Race/5th GC (out of 29)
  • Patrick Holland (M 45+) – 11th Time Trial/22nd Road Race/14th Circuit Race/22nd GC
  • Francis Horton (M Cat 5) – 1st Time Trial/5th Road Race/4th Circuit Race/2nd GC
  • Chris Schlabach (M Cat 2) – 37th Time Trial/29th Road Race/14th Circuit Race/25th GC (out of 47)
  • Al Senft (M 45+) – 1st Time Trial/7th Road Race/5th Circuit Race/2nd GC (out of 29)

Tucson Bicycle Classic results

Two Professional Cyclists Made Debut Wins in this Year’s Tucson Bicycle Classic

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