The Yellow and Red Zia Illuminated Every Amateur Category in this Year’s 30th Anniversary of the Tour of the Gila

This past weekend, ZVC racers participated in every amateur category in this Year’s 30th Anniversary of the Tour of the Gila. This race continues to be one of the most challenging races in North America. Pro racers come from all over the World to participate and challenge themselves. For many, this is their most important race of the year. UCI, Masters Men A, Cat 1/2 and Cat 3 racers push themselves in the five day stage race, which includes three very taxing road races, a time trial, and a crit. Masters Men B, Men’s Cat 4/5 and Women’s Cat 3/4 racers participate in four stages, including two of the three road races, time trial, and crit. Anyone that has participated and finished this race can contest to it being one of their most major feats for the year or even lifetime!

ZVC Zia racers that participated include Marcel Berger and Greg Albright in Cat 1/2, Al Senft, Santiago Chavez, and Jerry Garcia in Master’s A , and Tamatha Brock in Women’s Cat 3/4. ZVC Velo racers that participated were Patrick Holland, our very own director David Rutledge in Master’s B, Kevin Quattlebaum in Cat 3, and Isa Vasquez, Francis Horton, Luke Holloman, and Fabian Erives in Cat 4/5. There were many notable finishes, beginning with the first day and the very challenging Mogollon  road race with a 2nd place finish by Marcel , and a 2nd place for Santiago and 9th place for Al in their highly competitive categories. On day 2, also a very challenging road race, Kevin worked hard for a 10th place finish, Patrick for a 4th place finish, and Tamatha for a 5th place finish. On a very windy day 3, the time trial, Al won, a first 1st place for ZVC! Kevin came in 5th, Francis came in 9th, and Tamatha came in 5th. On day 4, the crit, Patrick came in 7th and Francis 5th. On the last day, and the most challenging of them all, hence the reason it’s called the Gila Monster, Al finished strong with a 5th place, Francis came in 6th, Isa came in 15th, and Tamatha came in 5th. Outstanding overall finishes include a 5th place finish for Jerry in 50+, a 3rd place finish for Al in 45+ and 7th overall, Santiago 11th overall, Tamatha 3rd in 35+ and 5th overall, Patrick 5th on 50+ and 7th overall, Kevin 4th overall in 35+, and Franics 7th overall.

For more results, click here.

So proud of all of these racers for representing ZVC for another great race! The next race on the calendar is the Tour of El Paso May 21 and 22.

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