The Zia Shined Brightly at Last Weekend’s Tour of El Paso and the Santa Fe Century

The Tour of El Paso began on Saturday morning with a 1.9 flat loop Criterium, followed by a 2.5 mile time trial with over 600 feet of climbing and ended on Sunday with a road race of 72 miles for Cat 1-4 racers and 60 miles for Cat 5. Zia racers included Marcel Berger, Tamatha Brock and Jerry Garcia. Velo racers included Mike Barrow, Eric Collins, Fabian Erives, Patrick Holland, David Hughes, Kevin Quattlebaum, Erik Sortemme, and Isa Vazquez.

Saturday’s criterium was highlighted with a huge win for Zia Velo, Marcel won the criterium in a highly competitive P/1/2/3 category. He continued on with a strong 10th place finish in the time trial and 5th place overall. Jerry worked hard in both the criterium and the road race, finishing 12th and 13th place respectively, and finishing 12th place overall. This race was the first race for Tamatha, racing as a Cat 3. She raced in a P/1/2/3 category made up mainly of Cat 1 racers, finishing 5th place in the road race and 5th place overall out of twelve starting racers.

Velo racers, Kevin and Patrick stole the show with Kevin taking 1st place in all events and a 1st place overall and Patrick taking 2nd place in all events and 2nd place overall in a competitive masters category. In the same category, David finished 6th place in both the criterium and time trial and worked hard to help teammates during the road race, finishing with an 8th place overall. Eric Collins had a strong 9th place finish in the time trial in Cat 4, after a return to racing after an illness kept him from racing the Gila. For Cat 5, Fabian had a notable 8th place finish in the criterium and 8th place overall, Erik a 9th place in the time trial and 10th place overall, and Isa with a 6th place finish in the criterium. Mike looked strong for the road race before being involved in a crash, yet he didn’t let this keep him from finishing.

For results, click here.

Up north, one of our very own Zia racers, Kathy Alvarez, took the glory at the Santa Fe Century Gran Fondo, by being the first female to finish! Over 2000 riders participated in this event, some for the untimed half or full century and others for the timed Gran Fondo, consisting of 97.2 miles and over 5000 feet of climbing. Kathy pedaled hard and finished over 12 minutes ahead of any other female racer for an amazing win and almost completing the course in under five hours, at 5:03.

Great job to all of our racers out there this past weekend! Keep pedaling!

The next race that some ZVC racers are gearing up for is the Sandia Crest. Click here to register.

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