Many ZVC Racers Took to the ‘Climb’ at the Bill McLain Memorial Sandia Crest Road Race

ZVC racers competed in the Bill McLain Memorial Sandia Crest Road Race this past weekend and with success. ZVC Zia racers that participated included, Greg Albright, Kathy Alvarez, Marcel Berger, Tamatha Brock, Chris Schlabach, and Al Senft. Greg had a remarkable 2nd place finish in a very competitive Mens Pro/1/2/3 Category. Marcel had an impressive 10th place finish.  In the Womens Pro/1/2/3 Category, Tamatha had an outstanding 3rd place finish.  In the Womens 4 Category, Kathy had an amazing 2nd place finish.

ZVC Velo racers that participated included, Eric Collins, Fabian Erives, Robert Mercer, Isa Vazquez, and Joseph Garcia, as a guest rider for ZVC.  Joseph had an outstanding 3rd place finish in the Mens Pro/1/2/3 Category. In the Mens 4 Category, Eric had a strong 7th place finish.  In the Mens Cat 5, Robert had an impressive 5th place finish. Behind him was Isa in 14th and Fabian in 20th.


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