Two of Our Very Own Are State Road Champions!!!

Two of our very own are state road champions after racing the Las Campanas road race this past weekend. ZVC Zia Racers Marcel Berger and Tammy Brock brought home the gold. Marcel, and teammates, Jerry Garcia, Al Senft, and Joseph Garcia raced in the Pro/Cat 1/Cat 2. With hard work from his teammates, Marcel was able to cross the finish line first, winning the Las Campanas race and Pro/Cat1/Cat2 state championship. Joseph notably finished fifth. Terry Casey joined Tammy in racing the Womens Pro/Cat1/Cat2/Cat3. Terry worked hard to help Tammy finish first and win the Pro/Cat1/Cat2/Cat3 state championship. Terry had a remarkable third place finish. Kathy Alvarez also had a remarkable second place finish in the Womens Cat 4. ZVC Velo racers, Kevin Quattlebaum, had another outstanding finish in the Mens Cat 3, finishing third. ZVC Velo racer, Rex Rafferty, also joined fellow racers this past weekend to race the Mens Cat 4.


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