ZVC Racers Take it to the Dirt

The cold didn’t keep a few ZiaVelo Cycling racers from taking it to the trails at Ft. Bayard this past weekend for the 10 -hour endurance race. The course was super-fun, fast, and flowy with a great mixture of single and double track. There were plenty of stream crossings, big trees, beautiful meadows, great views, and great racing!

ZVC Zia racers, Al Senft, Jerry Garcia, and Tammy Risner, raced as a coed team (ZVC Dirt Crew) against other coed teams, mostly with four members. This didn’t keep them from a huge win, coming in almost 18 minutes ahead of 2nd place. All three gave it their all, as proven when Jerry  was the fastest racer of the day, winning the fastest lap, 12 miles in only 46:37. Also out there representing ZVC were, Raymond Johnson, racing solo, Sergio Pachecho, racing on a duo-male team, and Chris Schlabach, also on a duo-male team.

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