Attention All Riders Interested in the ZVC Saturday Group Rides: Start time will be 8am beginning September 9

Most of you already no about our Saturday group rides. If you do not, they are a fun-packed, energetic, and inviting ride for riders of different levels and abilities, yet, with a dose of competitiveness for those who choose. It is a ‘no-drop’ ride meaning there a few stops to wait for all to reach certain points and also to help others out if the unfortunate mechanical issue should arise. We welcome all riders to give it a try. There are opportunities to turn back or shorten the ride if necessary. All Saturday group rides will begin at 8am, beginning September 9, leaving from Milagros on University. All riders must wear a helmet, be cautious of other riders, and follow traffic rules.21034649_1414146385307318_2113083392145854665_n

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