High Altitude/ZiaVelo Mountain Bike Racers Off to an Impressive Start!

The race season is officially here! This past weekend HA/ZVC racers, Jerry Garcia, Tamatha Risner, and Laura Larisch went to race the McDowell Meltdown in Arizona. Jerry and Tamatha raced the OpenPro marathon race (44 miles) with highly competitive racers, including some pro-racers in both the women and men fields. After a mass start with men and women combined, Tamatha had quite an impressive 2nd place finish in the Women ProOpen, amongst 20 women starters, and Jerry an equally impressive 9th place finish in the Mens ProOpen, amongst 86 men starters. Laura finished strong in the Cat 1 XC race in 4th place.

Over in El Paso, HA/ZVC racers, Josh Barnett, Kevin Quattlebaum, and Phil Simpson raced in the very technical and grueling 50 mile Puzzler with steep competition. All three gave it their all with astounding spots on the podium. Josh had a remarkable 5th place finish in his first ever ProOpen race and finishing under 5 hours. Equally as remarkable, was Kevin’s win in the 40-49 age group and 6th overall, along with Phil’s win in the 50-59 age group, coming in more than an hour before his any of his competitors and 10th overall.

Also racing the Puzzler, but in the 35 mile race, which is also a highly demanding course, were Amy and David Coor. Amy had an outstanding 2nd place finish in the under 39 age group. David finished strong and came across the finish line with Amy. Along with the HA/ZVC racers, there were other ZiaVelo racers out representing at the Puzzler in the 35-miler, including Sam King and Sergio Pacheco. In the 15 mile race, Rachael Greuber finished her very first mountain bike race in 5th place!


The next event on the calendar is a three-stage road race, the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix, AZ! Be sure to check out all future events and races on the ZVC calendar found in the menu tab.



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