Red River Riot

Written by James Peel

On March 31 the ZiaVelo gravel racing team of Las Cruces NM competed, er um, participated in the Red River Riot gravel grinder hosted by the always amazing Spinistry run by Kevin Lee.  The ZV gravel team is made up of the following members:  Me, and my bike.

The Red River Riot, or RRR, is a longtime staple in the N. Texas gravel racing/riding community and is a “don’t miss event” for nearly every local gravel rider and many from all over the country.  The event was hosted by the 4R ranch – vineyard and winery, a wonderful place in a beautiful part of North Texas.  The Roper families are generous hosts and graciously opened their property and tasting room for this event.  The Riot was the first gravel grinder I attended back in 2015, just 5 months after undergoing reconstuctive surgery on my left foot and only having been back on a bike regularly for a little over a month, after a 20 year hiatus.  I rode the 32 mile course that year in just under 3 hours, unable to stand on the pedals, 25+ pounds overweight, and seriously underprepared for the infamous Windmill Hill that awaited the riders.  But I completed the ride, having walked nearly all of Windmill Hill, or Windmill HELL as I called it that year, and was in love with riding gravel!

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