David Coor Cat 2


1)     Where is your hometown?  Artesia, NM

2)     Can you tell us a little bit about your training?  Do you have a coach? Do you ride on the trainer? / Special schedules?  Lots of hills? / Technical trails?  Yoga?  . I don’t have a coach, but between all of my MTB friends I can always find great advice!  I am fortunate to have goods friends that let me ride a trainer on cold and busy days, we have a trail close to us in Carlsbad (La Cueva) that is fairly technical, no hills but we have plenty of wind, lol.  I like a good HIIT session and I guess somewhat like running.

3)     What was your favorite race? Zia Rides 12 hrs in the Wild West.

4)     What got you into mountain biking/cycling?  A friend from Las Cruces

5)     What is your day job?  Oil and gas production.

6)     Favorite Food?  Pizza

7)     Do you have any other activities you enjoy besides cycling? I enjoy target practice with my handgun, and trying to rope Wyatt while riding his scooter.