Gordon MacDonald


Cat 5 Road/Cat 2 Mountain

Cycling was a favorite activity during my childhood, but was lost during
my teenage years. I rediscovered cycling in 2007 on a mountain bike ride
with a friend. The rides became more frequent after moving to Las Cruces
in 2012 and having access to all the great trails in the area. Over the
years since, the scope of my riding has expanded gradually beyond
mountain biking. Shortly after riding in my first mountain bike race in
2015, I rode in my first road tour and in my first cyclocross race the
following year. Since then, I’ve ridden in a few races every year as a
New Mexico State University collegiate club racer. I began riding The
Heater with Zia Velo in 2018 as a guest and have since become stronger
and more skilled as a rider. I look forward to my first year on the Zia
Velo team, the self-improvement it will bring, and the comradery of
racing with my new team mates.

Favorite Trails (In no particular order):
* Dona Ana Trails, Las Cruces, NM (home trails)
* Cedar Creek/Perk Canyon Trails, Ruidoso, NM
* Phil’s World, Cortez, CO
* The Whole Enchilada, Moab, UT
* The Maze District, Canyonlands National Park, UT

Goals for 2019
* Upgrade to Cat 4 road.
* Compete in my first endurance gravel race.
* Compete in my first downhill race.