Jerry Garcia Cat 1

1)   Where is your hometown? Las Cruces, NM (Doña Ana, to be specific)

2)     Can you tell us a little bit about your training?  Do you have a coach? Do you ride on the trainer? / Special schedules?  Lots of hills? / Technical trails?  Yoga? I coach Tammy and myself. I create training plans to meet the needs of both of us for both road and mountain. I try to avoid riding indoors at all cost! Depending on the time of the year or season, my training defers. I usually ride 4-5 times a week on the road and mountain bike, depending on my busy work schedule. We include interval training, hill climbs, and work on technique and skills for both road and mountain biking. We use Training Peaks to design our workouts and training plan.

3)     What was your favorite race? Any race I win and still feel good after is a great race! Of course, I prefer races that have combinations of technical, fast descents, and speed!

4)     What got you into mountain biking/cycling?

5)     What is your day job? Owner of Diesel Enterprises, LLC and out in the field most days.

6)     Favorite Food?  Pizza

7)     Do you have any other activities you enjoy besides cycling? I enjoy hiking and when I can find time to relax with friends or family.