Kevin Quattlebaum Cat 1

Puzzler Podium 2

1) Where is your hometown?
Elk Rapids Mi / USAF for 20 / High Rolls – foreseeable future

2) Can you tell us a little bit about your training?  Do you have a coach? Do you ride on the trainer? / Special schedules?  Lots of hills? / Technical trails?  Yoga?
I am self-coached. I am a numbers geek; power, heart rate, training load, form etc.. I wrote my own spreadsheet to help me keep track of and predict performance and guide training. Love to talk training and happy to share my plan/products with anyone interested. It’s still a fairly flexible training plan based on upcoming events and real life schedule. I don’t do Zwift or significant riding on the trainer. I have traditional rollers and ride them when the weather doesn’t allow me to meet the numbers outdoors.
I live at about 6800 ft elevation which helps some. I train and race about 50/50 Road and MTB. I probably do a bit more climbing than most Las Cruces or El Paso based riders just due to living in High Rolls

3) What was your favorite race?
2017 Tour of the Gila where it all somehow came together. Also High Altitude Classic (I help plan that one) and Horny Toad Hustle (Seem to do well at that one… not sure why)

4) What got you into mountain biking/cycling?
Dry land training for skiing back in college (aka long long ago in a land far far away)

5) What is your day job?
Fly / Instruct MQ-9 (Drones) at Holloman

6) Favorite Food?
Pasta, Cookies, Doughnuts

7) Do you have any other activities you enjoy besides cycling?
Hiking, Motorcycle riding, Skiing, Civilian Flying