Laura Burkett/Cat 3 Road/Cat 3 Mountain

28783235_1863172117047974_5686022102618669087_nI have always loved to ride a bike, but didn’t realize how much until I bought a road bike for my first triathlon in April of 2016. I was hooked…on riding…triathlons…pushing my limits. I started training with a coach a little over a year ago, and one of my two goals was to join the ZiaVelo Saturday morning no-drop ride. To say it was a bit intimidating walking into Milagros for the first time and seeing twenty-plus men in ZiaVelo cycling kits is an understatement! My fears were completely unfounded. The group, including other women, took me under their wing and have been teaching and encouraging me ever since. It is an absolute blast to ride with such a friendly, competitive and upstanding group of cyclists. A few years ago I didn’t even know about amateur racing and here I am in my 40’s giving it a go! I am very thankful for the support and guidance of all of my friends/training partners/mentors!