Marcel Berger

Born: October 9th, 1981 in Sonneberg, Germany
Cycling: Cat 1 & Level 1 USA Cycling coach, exercise kinesiology student at NMSU
I’ve been a passionate fan of cycling since 1997, when Jan Ullrich won the Tour de France. Following the sport over years, I’ve started cycling actively in 2006. In 2011, I came to the Land of Enchantment due to serving in the German Air Force. At the Tour de Ocho Millas in Roswell 2011, I firstly encountered ZiaVelo riders; the Travelstead brothers Ryan and Ben brought me in touch with the great people of ZiaVelo. Starting 2012 in the Category 5, I raced my way through the various categories wearing the ZiaVelo jersey becoming a category 1 road cyclist in 2016.
My long-term goal is present the colors of ZiaVelo on and off the road in the domestic race scene. My goals for 2019 include racing for NMSU Cycling Club collegiate, and non-collegiate events for ZiaVelo. The first goal is to qualify and participate in the collegiate national championships in Augusta, GA. Secondly, I want to represent the colors of ZiaVelo as often as possible, support my team mates, and enjoy traveling and racing with the Zia team.