Rachael Greuber

20428130_10155627406722996_1979391163_nfacebook_1501154927148Rachael Greuber/Cat 5 Road

I first rode a bike clipped in in the fall of 2015. I was kind of horrified, but instantly loved the thrill of riding a bike. As someone who has been a runner since 2005, the speed of cycling was both a huge change and a huge high. I got hooked pretty quickly, bought my first bike in October 2015, and signed up for a half Ironman, though I had never done a triathlon before and didn’t know how to swim. So, I hired the best coach I could possibly find, Terry Casey. Terry taught me how to swim and how to work hard on the bike. After winning my division in my first half Ironman, I knew that I was hooked, and there was a lot more work to be done. Terry asked me to join ZiaVelo in June of 2017. I was so flattered. I had admired her and this team from afar since I first started the sport, and knew it was a group of very talented riders. Though I was super intimidated, I joined the team, and am so glad that I did. My first season with ZiaVelo has been full of bike racing, new friends, and learning. So much learning. Seriously, this sport is crazy. In the past two months, I’ve competed in my first ever road race, Time Trial, and Crit. It’s been so awesome, and I can’t wait to continue racing, learning, and making progress wearing a ZiaVelo Jersey.