Santiago Chavez Pro

1)     Where is your hometown? El Paso, TX
2)     Can you tell us a little bit about your training?  Do you have a coach? Do you ride on the trainer? / Special schedules?  Lots of hills? / Technical trails?  Yoga?

I have a busy and unpredictable schedule so my training can be a challenge at times.  I coach myself since I am a coach in my spare time.  I have a trainer but I try not to use it much unless I absolutely have to.  I try and train on various terrain but prefer hills.  I like to incorporate yoga into my training as active recovery.

3)     What was your favorite race? My favorite race is The Cactus Cup for MTB and Tour of the Gila on the road.

4)     What got you into mountain biking/cycling? A college buddy of mine got me into MTB riding once I finished my eligibility as a College basketball player.

5)     What is your day job? Orthopedic surgery healthcare provider

6)     Favorite Food?  Mexican

7)     Do you have any other activities you enjoy besides cycling? .  I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter