Shane Cunico

Cycling: Cat 2 Mountain Bike/Cat 3 Road

From: Las Cruces, NM


I began my cycling life as a complete beginner mountain biker in 1995.  I competed in New Mexico in the NMORS Series, as well as multiple races in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.  My interests then turned to 24 Hour endurance races such as the 24 Hour of Moab (7 Times), and the 24 Hours of Adrenalin series.  In about 2005, after attaining Cat 1 on the dirt, my interests turned to road cycling.  I actively competed in the NMRS several years as a Cat,5,4,3, and have competed in 9 Tour of the Gila events.  I continue to race in and around New Mexico on the dirt and road, though not as often as I would like.


At about the same time as I started road cycling, I started participating in the Saturday ZiaVelo Cycling group rides on Saturday mornings.  During the early 2000s, ZiaVelo was seeing limited rider participation, though continuing as a club through the efforts of Bill Rucker.  It was at this time that Dave Rutledge and I decided to initiate a reemergence of ZiaVelo.  I have been the director of ZiaVelo, as well as the President of ZVC Inc. for the past 10+ years.  I have had the honor of seeing ZiaVelo grow, and represent our tremendous sponsors, city, and the State of New Mexico, flying the yellow and red colors, across the US and in races in Europe.

I  look forward to continuing into 2020, our 35th year as a team.

Goals for 2019 and Beyond

Continue my love of cycling and ZiaVelo

Compete in the Tour of the Gila 2019

Compete in Masters Road Nationals 2019-2020

Compete in the Tour Divide 2020!