Shane Cunico


Shane began riding and racing bikes at the young age of 33 and rose to a CAT1 MTB racer in the early 2000’s.  At that time he started looking into also racing road bikes and is currently a CAT 3.  Now hooked, he rides any bike with two wheels and loves them all.  Since he started riding, he has competed continuously.  In about 2003 Shane became a kit wearing member of ZiaVelo and with Dave Rutledge, took over as director of ZVC in about 2006 with the goal of re-establishing the team as the premier team in New Mexico.   Now in his 10th year as director of the team, he has the goal of growing ZVC into an NRC team in the next few years.  On the personal side, Shane’s wife Lola is also an accomplished rider and racer, mostly on the MTB side of things, when she has time.  Shane has two kids, Shayla, a freshman at UNM (ouch!), and son Zane, a junior at Centennial HS in Las Cruces.