Tamatha Risner Cat 1

1)     Where is your hometown? Las Cruces,NM

2)     Can you tell us a little bit about your training?  Do you have a coach? Do you ride on the trainer? / Special schedules?  Lots of hills? / Technical trails?  Yoga? I have my very own personal coach, mechanic, and cheerleader, Jerry Garcia (also on the team). I despise riding indoors and usually can find a way ride outside and avoid it! Depending on the time of the year or season, my training defers. I usually ride 5-6 times a week on the road and mountain bike. We include interval training, hill climbs, and work on technique and skills for both road and mountain biking. We train with Training Peaks. I also do yoga and weight training twice a week…not a huge fan.

3)     What was your favorite race? That’s easy..all of them! However, I think I am looking more forward to mountain bike racing this year! If I have to choose a favorite(s) I’ve raced, I’d have say Marathon Nationals in Arkansas or winning the crit at the Tour of the Gila last year, or this year’s McDowell Meltdown.

4)     What got you into mountain biking/cycling? I have always enjoyed riding a bike and the outdoors. I began mountain biking about four years ago for the sole purpose of cardio. Then a met few people that encouraged me to race three years ago, and well it all went from there!

5)     What is your day job? Teacher at the Arrowhead Park Early College High School

6)     Favorite Food? Jerry’s homemade, from-scratch, pizza! (Yes he is the jack of all traits!) And dark choclate (not on my pizza!)

7)     Do you have any other activities you enjoy besides cycling? Are there other activities other than cycling? I also enjoy hiking and the rare moment that we get to just relax in the outdoors or indoors for a good movie. I alos enjoy spending time with family and friends.