Tamatha Risner

Cycling: Cat 1 Mountain Bike/Womens Cat 3 Road

From: Las Cruces, NM

I began mountain biking a few years ago, mainly for fitness. I decided to give racing a try, and signed up for my first race in 2014, at 40 years of age, did well, loved it, and was hooked. I continued to mountain bike around Las Cruces and met some amazing and very supportive people along the way. They encouraged me to continue racing. During my second mountain bike race at Angel Fire, NM, I hit a tree and had to have two surgeries to repair a compound fracture to my humerus and shoulder. At this point I decided to consider road cycling as I healed and, of course, loved it, and once again, was hooked. I was asked to race for the ZiaVelo Cycling team, which is New Mexico based, and raced my first road race last February 2016 at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Phoenix, AZ and found my new passion. I was able to race the full season for 2016 and managed to upgrade to a Cat 3 after a few races. Mid-year, I was able to return to mountain biking and racing, after a few more setbacks due to accidents. However, I managed to win both the State road (Cat 3) and mountain bike (Cat 2) championships.

My plans for 2017 were to race a full season on both road and mountain bikes. These plans were almost put on hold due to several injuries I suffered from a cycling accident at the Gila back in October, which also required surgery to both knees. Although my training was briefly postponed and put me behind schedule, I am blessed to be back on my bike and even more so to have been able to race the first race of the season in February at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Phoenix, AZ.

None of this would have been made possible without ZiaVelo! I am very proud to wear the ZiaVelo jersey and ride and race with amazing ZVC people!