Terry Casey

Terry Casey

The 70.3 Half- Ironman World Championships took place in Las Vegas, NV on September 8th, 2013. Zia Velo’s Terry Casey went to compete with the tremendous support of her husband Shawn, his parents, mom, nephew, and fellow Zia Velo teammate, Lisa Cavallera. Overall, Terry swam in the top ten, a 1.2 mile effort in 30 minutes, followed by 56.6 miles on the bike (hills with significant rain), and completed with a 13.1 mile run in  1:52. Terry took 34th in her age group, with an overall time of 5:18.  Terry stated, “It was a truly humbling day…the course, all the support from family and friends, and all of the amazing athletes from all over the world. I’m stoked from the whole experience!” The world champions were her 4th ironman competition and she has already signed up for a couple of marathons this fall/winter, the next being held in Denver, October 20th, and then of course, the 2014 Ironman Boulder. We look forward to watching what this amazing athlete.

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