Once Again, ZVC Represents

From July 15th-17th, the small town of Salida, CO, was the focal point of Colorado’s road cycling scene. The 12th edition of the Salida Classic took place in this remote town, located at the Arkansas River, and surrounded by several 14,000 ft mountains. This 3-day event included an 8 mile time trial, a downtown criterium, and a 5.7 mile circuit race.

ZiaVelo was represented by Marcel Berger in the Pro/1/2 field. For Marcel, it was the first race participation in the high elevation state of Colorado, and therefore accompanied with a lot of excitement. The ZiaVelo rider placed 4th in the TT, 19th in the criterium, and 17th in the circuit race respectively.

Also, representing ZiaVelo this past weekend, was Kathy Alvarez, who challenged herself to riding the Taos Gran Fondo, a one-day, “annual endurance event of the amateur undertaken for pleasure or as a test of personal fortitude”. She rode 105 miles with plenty of climbing, and was the first woman to finish.

Be sure to check the calendar on our ZVC site for upcoming tours and races!!! There are many tours coming up, including the Tour of Las Cruces, which you absolutely can’t miss on October 30!!!


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Two of Our Very Own Were On Top This Past Weekend

The Double Eagle Time Trials Series held their first race this past Sunday in Albuquerque.  This series consists of three races held on July 10, July 31, and August 21 on a 20 mile course. ZVC racers Kathy Alvarez and Al Senft were on top, finishing as the fastest woman and man for this first race. ZVC Velo racer, David Hughes also represented well, placing third in his category.

Congrats! Way to represent!

While I have your attention, let me remind you that it is hot out (as if you didn’t already know)! Don’t stop pedaling, but be sure you’re drinking plenty of water!

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ZVC Racers Take Top Spots on the Podium this Past Weekend

The NM Criterium State Championship was held this past weekend in Albuquerque. ZVC’s Zia racer, Marcel Berger, brought home another gold in the Pro/Cat 1/Cat 2, with teammates, Joseph Garcia getting 3rd, Chris Schlabach 4th, and Al Senft 7th, once again, helping the others to finish strong. In the Men’s Cat 5, Isa Vazquez had a strong 1st place finish and championship win.

Over in Santa Rosa, NM, at the City of Lakes Triathlon, ZVC’s Zia racer, Terry Casey, won 1st place overall in the Olympic distance category. ZVC’s Velo racer, Dustin Ward, also participated in the Olympic distance category and represented well with an impressive finish. In the Sprint distance category, ZVC’s Velo racers, Norm Desrochers and Jason McClure, represented well with strong finishes in their age groups.

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Two of Our Very Own Are State Road Champions!!!

Two of our very own are state road champions after racing the Las Campanas road race this past weekend. ZVC Zia Racers Marcel Berger and Tammy Brock brought home the gold. Marcel, and teammates, Jerry Garcia, Al Senft, and Joseph Garcia raced in the Pro/Cat 1/Cat 2. With hard work from his teammates, Marcel was able to cross the finish line first, winning the Las Campanas race and Pro/Cat1/Cat2 state championship. Joseph notably finished fifth. Terry Casey joined Tammy in racing the Womens Pro/Cat1/Cat2/Cat3. Terry worked hard to help Tammy finish first and win the Pro/Cat1/Cat2/Cat3 state championship. Terry had a remarkable third place finish. Kathy Alvarez also had a remarkable second place finish in the Womens Cat 4. ZVC Velo racers, Kevin Quattlebaum, had another outstanding finish in the Mens Cat 3, finishing third. ZVC Velo racer, Rex Rafferty, also joined fellow racers this past weekend to race the Mens Cat 4.


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ZVC Racers Found Many Podium Spots this Past Weekend

ZVC Zia racers Tammy Brock, Jerry Garcia, and Al Senft, along with ZVC Velo racer, Kevin Quattlebaum, took racing to the dirt this past weekend in the Glory Days State Championship Mountain Bike Race at the Glorieta Camps. This was Tammy’s second mountain bike race after a one year hiatus due to crashing at Angel Fire’s Oso High, exactly one year ago. She managed to pull off a win and is the Cat 2 state champion. Jerry earned a very impressive win in the Cat 1 50-59 race and came home as the state champion for the first time in his career. Throughout the race, he kept pace with the pros. Kevin came home with a notable fourth place finish in the Cat 1 40-49.

Racing continued on Sunday for a few ZVC women. ZVC Zia racers, Kathy Alvarez and Tammy Brock, along with ZVC Velo racer, AnneMarie Chavez, raced the all-women Spokettes time trial race held in Algodones, NM, consisting of a 10 mile course. Kathy finished with a very impressive second best time overall and second place in Cat 4. Tammy finished with a notable second place in the Cat 3. AnneMarie had a remarkable third place finish in the master’s 40-49 category.

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Many ZVC Racers Took to the ‘Climb’ at the Bill McLain Memorial Sandia Crest Road Race

ZVC racers competed in the Bill McLain Memorial Sandia Crest Road Race this past weekend and with success. ZVC Zia racers that participated included, Greg Albright, Kathy Alvarez, Marcel Berger, Tamatha Brock, Chris Schlabach, and Al Senft. Greg had a remarkable 2nd place finish in a very competitive Mens Pro/1/2/3 Category. Marcel had an impressive 10th place finish.  In the Womens Pro/1/2/3 Category, Tamatha had an outstanding 3rd place finish.  In the Womens 4 Category, Kathy had an amazing 2nd place finish.

ZVC Velo racers that participated included, Eric Collins, Fabian Erives, Robert Mercer, Isa Vazquez, and Joseph Garcia, as a guest rider for ZVC.  Joseph had an outstanding 3rd place finish in the Mens Pro/1/2/3 Category. In the Mens 4 Category, Eric had a strong 7th place finish.  In the Mens Cat 5, Robert had an impressive 5th place finish. Behind him was Isa in 14th and Fabian in 20th.


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The Zia Shined Brightly at Last Weekend’s Tour of El Paso and the Santa Fe Century

The Tour of El Paso began on Saturday morning with a 1.9 flat loop Criterium, followed by a 2.5 mile time trial with over 600 feet of climbing and ended on Sunday with a road race of 72 miles for Cat 1-4 racers and 60 miles for Cat 5. Zia racers included Marcel Berger, Tamatha Brock and Jerry Garcia. Velo racers included Mike Barrow, Eric Collins, Fabian Erives, Patrick Holland, David Hughes, Kevin Quattlebaum, Erik Sortemme, and Isa Vazquez.

Saturday’s criterium was highlighted with a huge win for Zia Velo, Marcel won the criterium in a highly competitive P/1/2/3 category. He continued on with a strong 10th place finish in the time trial and 5th place overall. Jerry worked hard in both the criterium and the road race, finishing 12th and 13th place respectively, and finishing 12th place overall. This race was the first race for Tamatha, racing as a Cat 3. She raced in a P/1/2/3 category made up mainly of Cat 1 racers, finishing 5th place in the road race and 5th place overall out of twelve starting racers.

Velo racers, Kevin and Patrick stole the show with Kevin taking 1st place in all events and a 1st place overall and Patrick taking 2nd place in all events and 2nd place overall in a competitive masters category. In the same category, David finished 6th place in both the criterium and time trial and worked hard to help teammates during the road race, finishing with an 8th place overall. Eric Collins had a strong 9th place finish in the time trial in Cat 4, after a return to racing after an illness kept him from racing the Gila. For Cat 5, Fabian had a notable 8th place finish in the criterium and 8th place overall, Erik a 9th place in the time trial and 10th place overall, and Isa with a 6th place finish in the criterium. Mike looked strong for the road race before being involved in a crash, yet he didn’t let this keep him from finishing.

For results, click here.

Up north, one of our very own Zia racers, Kathy Alvarez, took the glory at the Santa Fe Century Gran Fondo, by being the first female to finish! Over 2000 riders participated in this event, some for the untimed half or full century and others for the timed Gran Fondo, consisting of 97.2 miles and over 5000 feet of climbing. Kathy pedaled hard and finished over 12 minutes ahead of any other female racer for an amazing win and almost completing the course in under five hours, at 5:03.

Great job to all of our racers out there this past weekend! Keep pedaling!

The next race that some ZVC racers are gearing up for is the Sandia Crest. Click here to register.

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The Yellow and Red Zia Illuminated Every Amateur Category in this Year’s 30th Anniversary of the Tour of the Gila

This past weekend, ZVC racers participated in every amateur category in this Year’s 30th Anniversary of the Tour of the Gila. This race continues to be one of the most challenging races in North America. Pro racers come from all over the World to participate and challenge themselves. For many, this is their most important race of the year. UCI, Masters Men A, Cat 1/2 and Cat 3 racers push themselves in the five day stage race, which includes three very taxing road races, a time trial, and a crit. Masters Men B, Men’s Cat 4/5 and Women’s Cat 3/4 racers participate in four stages, including two of the three road races, time trial, and crit. Anyone that has participated and finished this race can contest to it being one of their most major feats for the year or even lifetime!

ZVC Zia racers that participated include Marcel Berger and Greg Albright in Cat 1/2, Al Senft, Santiago Chavez, and Jerry Garcia in Master’s A , and Tamatha Brock in Women’s Cat 3/4. ZVC Velo racers that participated were Patrick Holland, our very own director David Rutledge in Master’s B, Kevin Quattlebaum in Cat 3, and Isa Vasquez, Francis Horton, Luke Holloman, and Fabian Erives in Cat 4/5. There were many notable finishes, beginning with the first day and the very challenging Mogollon  road race with a 2nd place finish by Marcel , and a 2nd place for Santiago and 9th place for Al in their highly competitive categories. On day 2, also a very challenging road race, Kevin worked hard for a 10th place finish, Patrick for a 4th place finish, and Tamatha for a 5th place finish. On a very windy day 3, the time trial, Al won, a first 1st place for ZVC! Kevin came in 5th, Francis came in 9th, and Tamatha came in 5th. On day 4, the crit, Patrick came in 7th and Francis 5th. On the last day, and the most challenging of them all, hence the reason it’s called the Gila Monster, Al finished strong with a 5th place, Francis came in 6th, Isa came in 15th, and Tamatha came in 5th. Outstanding overall finishes include a 5th place finish for Jerry in 50+, a 3rd place finish for Al in 45+ and 7th overall, Santiago 11th overall, Tamatha 3rd in 35+ and 5th overall, Patrick 5th on 50+ and 7th overall, Kevin 4th overall in 35+, and Franics 7th overall.

For more results, click here.

So proud of all of these racers for representing ZVC for another great race! The next race on the calendar is the Tour of El Paso May 21 and 22.

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Many ZiaVelo Racers Found Their Way To The Podium This Past Weekend


Over in Duncan, AZ, at the Javelina Chase Omnium bicycle race, three ZVC Zia racers, Greg Albright, Marcel Berger, and Al Senft, along with Velo racer Francis Horton, participated in this two day event, which included a road race, individual time trial, and criterium. The routes took the racers through beautiful poppy fields of white, purple, and orange wildflowers at the amazing east-frontier of Arizona. Saturday began with a road race and ended with a time trial and the criterium held on Sunday.

After a long day in a three man breakaway, Marcel won the 75 mile road race with an attack at 5 km to go. Greg and Al finished 6th and 8th, respectively. Francis finished 4th in his 10th mass start event as a Cat 5, now permitting him to upgrade to a Cat 4 racer. Later that day, ZiaVelo topped the podium in the time trial, with Marcel winning and Al coming in a very close 2nd place.

The success of our Zia riders continued on to the criterium race on Sunday. Racing at the Clifton Municipal Airport, Francis finished on the podium with an impressive 2nd place. Marcel was able to win the criterium, followed by Greg who finished 3rd, and Al 7th.

Over in Cloudcroft, NM, at the High Altitude Classic, ZVC Zia racer Jerry Garcia had an amazing finish, just narrowly crossing the finish line behind pro racer Pablo Fernandez, after an exciting sprint to the end, for an overall 2nd place finish in the Pro/Cat 1 field, beating all other pro and Cat 1 racers. ZVC Velo racer Gary Bell finished 2nd place in Cat 1 30-39, Michael Barrow finished 6th and Erik Sortemme 10th in Cat 2 30-39, and Sam Cane 7th in Cat 2 4-49. Also participating were ZVC Velo racers, Kevin Quattlebaum and Paul Gagnier. Kevin was unable to finish due to mechanical issues and Paul due to a crash (He is sore, but recovering).

Congratulation to all Zia and Velo racers who raced this weekend!!! Keep representing!!!

Everyone is gearing up the Gila next week!!! Stay tuned…

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Javelina Chase photos provided by Sarah Muench
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Several ZVC Racers Made it to the Podium this Past Weekend

ZVC  was well represented this past weekend in four different races and with many podium and notable finishes! ZVC Zia racers, Greg Albright, Kathy Alvarez, Marcel Berger, Tamatha Brock, Santiago Chavez,  Jerry Garcia, Chris Schlabach, and Al Senft along with ZVC Velo racers, Eric Collins, Patrick Holland, Francis Horton, David Hughes, Tim Ketelaar, Luis Martinez,  Eric Sortomme, and Isa Vazquez, competed in the Adoption Exchange Omnium, a two-day race including a time trial, criterium, and road race. ZVC is proud to say they had five Omnium podiums. Marcel Berger raced hard in the road race to finish first and gain a 3rd place spot on the podium for the Men’s Pro/1/2/3 category.  Tamatha Brock placed in all three events earning her a 3rd place spot on the Omnium podium, literally missing the 1st place Omnium by less than one inch. Kathy Alvarez had an impressive 1st place finish in the time trial and earned a 4th place spot on the Omnium podium. Patrick Holland had remarkable finishes all three events and earned a very impressive 1st place spot on the Masters Men podium.  Francis Horton also had notable finishes in all three events and earned a 1st place spot on the Cat 5 Mens podium. Other notable event finishes include, Al Senft who earned 2nd place in the time trial, Jerry Garcia earned 3rd place in the time trial, Greg Albright earned 6th place in the time trial, Chris Schlabach earned 2nd place in the criterium, Isa Vasquez earned 3rd place in the criterium, and Eric Collins earned 4th place in the road race.

We also are proud to share that ZVC  Zia racer, Terry Casey, a ZVC Zia racer participated in a the Ironman 70.3 all the way in Oceanside, CA, with an impressive finish.  Closer to home, ZVC Velo racer, Gary Bell, earned 2nd place in the Cat 1 30-39 this weekend in the Coyote Classic mountain bike race, in El Paso, TX, and was the 6th overall fastest . Also, racing this weekend were ZVC Velo racers Norm Desrochers and Jason McClure in the Sul Ross Sprint Triatholan, located in Alpine, Texas. Jason came in 5th and Norm in 6th in a very competitive field.

Adoption Exchange Results 

Adoption Exchange, Coyote Classic, and Ironman 70.3 Photos below of ZVC racers (Photos taken by Russ McCoy, Tamatha Brock, and Rebecca Reza)

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Few more pictures coming in…

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