Las Cruces TT and Hillsboro Road Race

Official FLYER: LCTT_Hillsboro_Classic

The Las Cruces Time Trial and Hillsboro Classic Road Race

$1,500 prize list
Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th, 2023
Under USA Cycling (USAC) permit #2023 – 6910

Race Categories (see times below for details):

Men Pro & Cat 1/2/3; Collegiate Men A Women Pro & Cat 1/2; Collegiate Women A
Masters Men 45+ “A” (Cat 1/2); Men Cat 3 Women Cat 3; Collegiate Women B; Masters Women 45+ “A” (Cat 1/2)
Men Cat 4; Collegiate Men B; Masters Men 45+ “B” (Cat 3/4) Women Cat 4/5; Collegiate Women C
Men Cat 5, Collegiate men C Masters Women 45+ “B” (Cat 3/4)
Juniors Boys 16 and Under Juniors Girls 16 and Under

*Categories may be combined based Chief Referee and Promoter consultation

Course Descriptions:

Saturday 11th – Time Trial: The course for all racers is an out and back course on a Frontage Road for 20K (12 miles). Course is mostly flat and straight. Approximate start times are listed below.

Saturday 12th – Road Race: (see maps below) The 42-mile course starts in Hillsboro toward Lake Valley for 13 miles; returns to Hillsboro finishes with 16 miles up to the top of Emory Pass. The 60-mile course starts in Hillsboro toward Lake Valley then continues for 22 miles; returns to Hillsboro and finishes with 16 miles up to Emory Pass.

Course distances for the different start groups are listed below.


For cyclists who want the experience of riding in the beautiful area around Hillsboro without the pressure of racing, ZiaVelo cycling is offering a fun ride of 16 miles from Hillsboro to the top of Emory pass. This fun ride will be $25 dollars per rider and includes a support station at the top of the climb.

Registration: Las Cruces Time Trial (TT) event $20; Hillsboro Classic Road Race (RR) event $55. [Both events $70]

Collegiate: TT – $10 & RR – $35 [Both events $45] ; Junior-aged racers: TT $5 & RR$25 [Both events 30].

One-day license $15/day. One-day Beginner [NOVICE] Licenses are for beginners and riders that have never held a USAC annual license with a category higher than category 5 men road, track or cyclocross. All other racers must have an annual license. ONLINE:

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, March, 8th at 11:59 pm; LATE FEE ($10:00) Wednesday, March, 9th at 11:59pm