ZVC Rider Honored with Spirit Award

ZVC cyclist, racer, and triathlete was honored this past weekend with the Pegye Marshall Spirit Award at the Milkman Triathlon in Dexter, NM. This award is presented every year at this race in memory of Pegye, who was an amazing triathlete, businesswoman, and mother. She won this race the first thirteen years it was held and was an inspiration to all. Her life was cut short due to domestic violence. This award has so much meaning for Terry, having experienced and overcome personal struggles of her own. She was truly honored, shocked, and humbled, to have earned this award and at her favorite race of the year. Not only does she describe this race as an amazing venue, with an awesome race director, volunteers, and athletes, but also a race dear to her heart. It is where she talked to her husband and shared lunch with him for the first time. ZVC is so proud of Terry and her many accomplishments and proud she is part of ZVC! And I am proud to have such an amazing and inspirational teammate!


Race News

Several ZVC racers participated in last week’s Iron Horse race in Durango, CO and at the NM Mountain Bike Championship race at Glorieta. For these race results and others, check out the ‘Results’ tab in our menu.

Here are the remaining races in our area for June. For more events, be sure to check out the ‘Calendar’ tab in our menu.

Written by Tammy Risner, June 5, 2017


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ZVC Colors Shined Brightly in a Few Different Venues This Past Weekend

In New Mexico, we had the Santa Fe Century, which is largest cycling event in the Southwest. The mission of the Santa Fe Century is to get people interested in cycling and to have fun doing it! It included great camaraderie, food stops, amazing scenery, and challenges for all abilities. Riders had the choice to ride or race in either the Gran Fondo (100 miles timed), Medio Fondo (50 miles timed), Century (100 miles not timed), Half-Century (50 miles not timed), or a 20-mile ride. Over 1500 riders and racers participated in the event. We are proud to say there were also a few podium finishes.

Riding 100 miles in the Gran Fondo/Century, with over 600 participants, ZVC racer, Tamatha Risner was the fastest woman of the day, with an overall win and win in her age group with one of the fastest times for a woman in this event! Teammate Kathy Alvarez also had quite an outstanding 2nd place finish and time 2nd place in her age group. A few ZVC men also made the podium, with Marcel Berger finishing strong with a 3rd place overall and 2nd in his age group, proving he is back! Jerry Garcia also had an impressive 7th place overall finish and 1st in his age group. Another notable finish was that of Robert Mercer, who finished 14th overall. ZVC rider Zach Taraschi also participated in the Gran Fondo. In the Century, the ZVC colors were also seen brightly reperesenting with ZVC riders, Lisa Dougherty, Sergio Pacheco, and Longino Bustillos. We are also proud to say that one of our sponsors, Don, from Outdoor Adventures was out representing in the Half-Century.

Over in El Paso, ZVC had a few racers participating in the 4th annual Tour of El Paso, which is a USA Cycling sanctioned omnium race, including a crit, time trial, and road race. We are proud to say that ZVC racer, Kevin Quattlebaum won both the crit and road race, and earned 2nd place in the time trial, resulting in a remarkable omnium win! Also participating was Carlos Romero, who earned an impressive 4th place finish in the crit. ZVC team director, David Rutledge participated in the road race. He finished the race after offering assistance to another racer that was injured from a crash that happened in front of him, of course without any second thought. Way to represent what ZVC is about!

Up in Superior, CO, ZVC racer Eric Collins participated in the 2017 Superior Morgul Classic, a three day omnium race. It began with a technical crit in snow, consisting of two heats. Eric prevailed and won his second heat. Eric also had an impressive 6th place finish in the time trial, which he was unable to preride due to it being snow covered, and finished in the lead group in the road race, earning a notable 6th place in the Cat 3/4 omnium.

Great job to all of those that raced this weekend!

Here’s a few of the next upcoming events to consider…

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ZVC Racer Makes the Podium at Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals in Arkansas, along with other ZVC Podiums in the Region

This past weekend was a big weekend for racing, with many ZVC racers participating in four different races, the biggest being at the Iron Mountain Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. This course included fifty (50) miles of beautiful trails along the DeGray lake and in the Ouachita Mountains, and included 3,600 feet of climbing, rock gardens, roots, lots of trees, and some really fast and flowy descents. ZVC Zia racers, Jerry Garcia and Tamatha Risner decided to give marathon mountain biking a try and race the event.

Tamatha lined up with nine racers in her age group and forty female amateur racers total. She had the holeshot and then found herself battling it out with another rider until about five miles in, before working hard to hold onto second place, which she did. She earned 2nd place and a silver medal!

Jerry lined up with thirty racers in his age group, and also had the holeshot. He was able to maintain the lead and was feeling great until halfway through the race, when he had a little endo mishap, which cracked his frame. He hobbled back on a broken bike and was not able to continue the race. He had some minor bumps and bruises.

In northern NM, we had two ZVC Zia racers, Al Senft and Kevin Quattlebaum racing the Alien Run Mountain bike race in Aztec, NM. A new course for both, consisting 29.3 miles of rock and dirt, of course! Both had strong finishes. Kevin had a very impressive Cat 1 overall win, and age group win. Al had a strong fourth place finish in his age group.

Over in Duncan, AZ, we had ZVC racers, Francis Horton, Eric Collins, and Chris Schlabach racing the Javelina Chase Cycling Event. We are proud to announce that Francis won both the road race and crit, and had an impressive overall win in Cat 4/5. Chris also had a notable finish and earned 3rd place in the road race for Cat 1/2. Also notable, was Eric’s fourth place finish.

Lastly, over in St. George, UT, we had ZVC Zia racer Terry Casey participating in the Ironman Triathlon, consisting of two of the most challenging bike and run courses in the Ironman Circuit. She completed the race and represented well.

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Tour of the Gila 2017 – Those Who Dared

It’s always pretty amazing what one can accomplish when given a task like the Tour of the Gila. Some people rise above and find challenges they never thought they could overcome. Others struggle each day and are just grateful to finish upright and with a sense of accomplishment.

The 2017 Tour of the Gila was no different. ZiaVelo had team racers and members not only race, but also supporting others in this five-day event. In the Cat 4-5, we had first time finisher, Zach Taraschi, who had a huge smile and a sense of conquering that was exciting to see at the top of Pinos Altos. Additionally, Francis Horton impressed many people with his quiet tenacity and an ability to push his body to the top of his category with some great racing. Eric Collins also displayed a no-quit attitude and a willingness to keep fighting back throughout the entire week.

In the Master’s A race, Al Senft showed his true iron core toughness and fought on through every stage representing the team with amazing results each day. His teammate, Jerry Garcia, worked and raced hard the first two stages, but was contending with a knee injury and decided to opt out of racing stage 3.  This did not keep Jerry away. He stayed around and supported the entire team with a friendly smile and a welcome return at the end of each stage.

In the women’s race the painful lesson of cycling reared its ugly head with the often used quote, “Well that’s bike racing.” ZVC racers, Terry Casey and Tamatha Risner, raced hard all week, with podium finishes in all of the first three stages, including an impressive win by Tamatha in the criterium. And although they were in second and third place in the overall standings and still feeling strong, the last day proved to be a lesson in the cruel tutelage of cycling. Terry fought like a champ the entire week and was held back by a bike issue the last 15 miles, but managed to still ride to the finish line, of course with a clear expression of disappointment. Equally, Tamatha found herself in an unfortunate situation, with a crash in just the last few miles of the race, while riding in good position for a strong finish. Her nor her bike were able to finish the last stage, but both will recover.

In the Cat 3 race, it was great to see the ZVC team director, Dave Rutledge, out representing, along with  Kevin Quattlebaum. Kevin provided the biggest race highlight of the week by not only having a plan and working with teammate, Dave, to bring that plan to fruition, he did the right thing attacked at the right time and was able to win the final stage of the Tour of the Gila. Additionally, he was able to win the 35+ division and pull off second place overall and represent the ZiaVelo Cycling team twice on the podium.

However, as with every tour of The Gila the best moments often occur not in the race but before after and during. The support from teammates like Timothy Ketelaar, Chris Schlabach, Marcel Berger, Courtney Trabon, and Shane Cunico, along with their families, brought relief and joy to many of us racing this last week. And not to be overlooked would be Papa Q, Kevin’s dad Mike, and his constant attention, patience and willingness to provide help that made all of us feel good.

And although at the end of a hard week everyone seems ready to attack the course again next year. Can’t wait to see what the future holds in 2018.

For more results, click here.

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ZVC Recap of the Past Few Weeks

Racing is now in full swing. Many of our ZVC racers have been training and racing hard, as proven in the results! Back on February 25, ZVC Zia racer Marcel Berger raced in the Flap Jack Flats time trial, held in Pinal County, AZ, along with Velo racer, David Hughes. Marcel had an impressive 1st place finish in the Collegiate A Mens category and David a 3rd place finish in the Masters 55+. The next day, Marcel raced the Colossal Cave road race, nearby in Vail, AZ and finished 3rd.

Over in Tucson, at the Tucson Bicycle Classic Stage Race, we had ZVC Zia racer, Al Senft, and Velo racer, Gary Bell shining the ZVC colors brightly with notable finishes in all three stage events. Al finished 2nd the time trial, 5th in the crit, 6th in the road race, and overall GC 2nd place in the Masters 45+. Gary finished 5th in the time trial, setting him up with a strong 7th overall GC place.

Over in Belen, NM, this past weekend the ZVC jerseys were seen in almost every category, at the Tierre del Sol road race. In the Mens 1/2/3 category, we had Zia racer Jerry Garcia finish 2nd in an exciting photo finish. He was only an inch away from the win! Velo racer, Kevin Quattelbaum, finished with a noteworthy 4th place, and Al Senft finished strong in 8th place. In the Womens 1/2/3, Zia women racers held three of the top five spots, Terry Casey with a strong 2nd place finish, Tammy Risner with a 3rd place finish, and Lisa Dougherty with a 4th place finish. In the Womens 4/5, Zia racer, Kathy Alvarez had a notable 2nd place finish. In the Mens Cat 4, Velo racer Eric Collins had an extraordinary 1st place finish. In the Masters Men category, Shane Cunico had a strong 7th place finish racing with teammate David Rutledge. Also representing ZVC, were Velo racers Zach Taraschi and Francis Horton.

Lastly, as many of you know, two of our very own ZVC racers were involved in separate vehicle versus bicycle accidents two weeks ago, both within 18 hours of one another. Both accidents were due to error on part of the drivers. Zia racers Marcel Berger and Joseph Garcia are on the mend and are truly blessed to be able to ride, again, and soon. Keep Marcel in your thoughts as he will be having surgery to repair his collarbone on Wednesday.

Hope to see the ZVC jerseys shining brightly at the 505 Cycling Classic in Albuquerque this weekend.

To register, click here.

Note: Many of the pictures are courtesy of Rebecca Reza and Marlene Squillaci.

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Another Epic Trifecta in the Books!

This year’s ZiaVelo Cycling Trifecta was, once again, an astounding event for all involved! There were almost 200 riders in the three different events, including a time trial, crit, and road race, coming from all over New Mexico, as well as neighboring states. It was impressive seeing several new teams and racers join us for this event. Also, impressive, were the innumerable volunteers, officials, participants, community members, and sponsors that made this event happen!

Of course, ZVC, is proud to say that the red and yellow Zia shined brightly this weekend and was well represented in all races. The ZVC podium held many spots for the ZVC team and club racers.

Zia Racers and Notable Finishes

  • Al Senft (P/1/2) – 2nd TT, 7th RR
  • Jerry Garcia (P/1/2) – 6th TT, 4th Crit
  • Joseph Garcia (P/1/2) – 4th TT
  • Marcel Berger (Collegiate A) – 1th TT, 3rd Crit
  • Tamatha Brock (P/1/2/3 W) – 2nd TT, 4th Crit, 3rd RR
  • Lisa Dougherty (P/1/2/3) – 5th RR
  • Kathy Alvarez (W4) – 1st TT, 2nd Crit, 1st RR

Velo Club Racers and Notable Finishes

  • Kevin Quattlebaum (Cat 3) – 2nd TT, 1st Crit, 2nd RR
  • Gary Bell (Cat 3) – 1st TT, 2nd Crit, 4th RR
  • David Hughes (Masters 45) – 4th TT, 2nd Crit
  • Eric Collins (Cat 4) – 3rd TT, 1st Crit, 2nd RR
  • Francis Horton (Cat 4) – 4th Crit
  • Michael Barrow (Cat 4) – 4th TT
  • Fabian Erives (Cat 5) – 5th Crit
  • Carlos Romero (Cat 5) – 9th Crit
  • Zach Taraschi (Collegiate C) – 3rd RR

For more results go to

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For more pictures, go to the ‘Photo’ link in the menu. More will be posted soon.

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ZVC Racers Take it to the Dirt

The cold didn’t keep a few ZiaVelo Cycling racers from taking it to the trails at Ft. Bayard this past weekend for the 10 -hour endurance race. The course was super-fun, fast, and flowy with a great mixture of single and double track. There were plenty of stream crossings, big trees, beautiful meadows, great views, and great racing!

ZVC Zia racers, Al Senft, Jerry Garcia, and Tammy Risner, raced as a coed team (ZVC Dirt Crew) against other coed teams, mostly with four members. This didn’t keep them from a huge win, coming in almost 18 minutes ahead of 2nd place. All three gave it their all, as proven when Jerry  was the fastest racer of the day, winning the fastest lap, 12 miles in only 46:37. Also out there representing ZVC were, Raymond Johnson, racing solo, Sergio Pachecho, racing on a duo-male team, and Chris Schlabach, also on a duo-male team.

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ZVC Represents at Valley of the Sun

ZiaVelo Cyclists participated in the Valley of the Sun this past weekend in ‘not-so-sunny or warm’ Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend. The Valley of the Sun is a three-day event in which professional and amateur road racing cyclists of different categories compete for cash and prizes. A stage is held each day consisting of a time trial, a road race and a criterium. There were over 800 participants in 23 categories of professional and amateur riders, both men and women, ages 10 to over 70. The cyclists that had the lowest cumulative time from the three stages placed in their respective categories.

The red and gold zia could be seen in most categories with ZVC Zia racers, Marcel Berger (Pro/1), Joseph Garcia (Pro/1), Jerry Garcia (Masters), Al Senft (Masters), Tamatha Risner (Cat 3), Terry Casey (Cat 3) , and Kathy Alvarez (Cat 4), along with Velo racers, David Hughes (Masters), Tim Ketalaar (Masters), Gary Bell (Cat 3), Kevin Quattlebaum (Cat 3), and Eric Collins (Cat 4), proudly representing. There were many notable finishes in the stage 1 time trial, with Al earning a 3rd place and Jerry a 5th place in a very large and highly competitive Master’s men field. Participating in her first VOS race, was Kathy finishing with a remarkable 1st place in the women’s cat 4 category. In the women’s cat 3 category, another large and competitive field, Terry had an impressive win and Tamatha a very noteworthy 5th place. In the men’s cat 4, Eric finished with a strong 7th place. The most incredible finish was in stage 2, with Jerry winning the road race, and after winning a sprint for bonus points and doing some work for the lead group. In stage 3, Jerry had another remarkable finish, coming in 4th. Marcel had an outstanding overall 16th place finish racing in a very large pro field. For more VOS race results, click here. (Pictures to follow in the photos menu tab.)

With this first race behind us, we are gearing up for the ZVC Trifecta! If you haven’t registered, please do so! It will be as epic! Volunteers are also still needed.

Click here to register for the ZiaVelo Road TriFecta Series 2017.

To sign up or for volunteer information, please email Kurt at yote2800@msn.com.




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ZiaVelo Road TriFecta Series 2017, Coming Soon!!!

Are you ready for one of the most epic cycling events in the Southwest? 

For the race flyer, click here. To register, click here.


Volunteers are still needed and welcomed!!! Please email Kurt Austin at yote2800@msn.com





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New Year, New Beginnings, and New Cycling Resolutions

Every New Year gives you the perfect chance to start something new and fresh. So do your bit this year and make the world a better place for yourself and others. Every year many resolutions are made and many are not kept. Make a resolution or two that you can stick with and share it with others. Consider cycling when making your resolutions. As you know cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It is also fun, cheap and good for the environment. Too see the many health benefits of cycling, please click here.

So if you want to improve your overall health, gain fitness, lose weight, improve cycling performance, or just feel good, include cycling in your resolutions.

Cycling goals and resolutions can be for racers, commuters, or just cycling enthusiasts. Make sure you create ones that are attainable, yet push you do be your best and perhaps make you leave your comfort zone! These may include weight or fitness goals, time spent on the bike, mileage, or perhaps be as simple as signing up for an event you wouldn’t have previously considered. For more resources on cycling resolutions, please click on the ones below.

Please also check out our calendar for events tentatively scheduled. This is updated regularly. The new year will start off with the El Paso Puzzler mountain bike race on January 15, the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Phoenix, AZ, February 17-19, and then the Hillsboro Trifecta here in Las Cruces, March 4-5.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come!!!

Written by Tammy Risner





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